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OT: ny rangers question

Posted by Cactus12 
OT: ny rangers question
Posted by: Cactus12 (
Date: January 07, 2006 01:57PM

I fail to understand why the Rangers ever start Kevin Weekes over Lundqvist. Will someone please explain the reasoning?
Re: OT: ny rangers question
Posted by: mjh89 (
Date: January 08, 2006 02:09PM

Lundqvist is clearly a better goalie and also much younger. The reasoning that Renney is giving is that Lundqvist has never played an 82 game season because he played in Europe and they don't want to wear him out. Also, if you look at his numbers, they are far better at MSG than during away games, which is why Weekes plays many of the road games.
Re: OT: ny rangers question
Posted by: KeithK (
Date: January 10, 2006 09:26PM

The rangers have decided to withhold playing time periodically until Henrik learns the elementary school rule that you must have a "U" after a "Q" and agrees to change his name. Come on buddy - this isn't Latin. The letter "V" is not a "U".

(I can't help it. The spelling always looks so odd...)
Re: OT: ny rangers question
Posted by: Jeff Hopkins '82 (
Date: January 11, 2006 12:45PM

The Flyers announcers said last week the Wekes actually had a winning record and a pretty good Saves % against Philly. That's why they thought he got the start.

Didn't help banana but that's what they said.

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