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Ivy League athletes

Posted by dbilmes 
Ivy League athletes
Posted by: dbilmes (32.218.123.---)
Date: June 14, 2019 07:46AM

Interesting article in the Washington Post this week about how the college recruiting scandal is leading more people to take a look at the disproportionate role of athletics in the admissions process at elite schools. The article starts by pointing out that Brown, despite a much lower enrollment, has the same number of varsity athletes as the University of Michigan. Cornell gets a shout-out, too!
"Ivy League schools provide need-based financial aid but no athletic scholarships. The league’s eight members compete in an array of Division I sports, including some rarely found at the typical state flagship. Consider the indoor racket sport of squash. Federal data show that in 2017, two dozen colleges nationwide had at least 25 varsity squash players. All of the Ivies were among them. None of the Big Ten teams were.

There were more varsity athletes at Cornell University (1,116) and Harvard (1,115) in 2017 than at much larger Ohio State University (1,065) and the University of Michigan (910), according to federal data. Outside the Ivy League, Stanford University had 840 — including 22 sailors — and Duke University had 659. Duke said about 5 percent of its admission offers go to athletic recruits."
It's not just the Ivies. At Division III schools such as Williams, as much as 30 percent of the students are on sports teams. In any case, it's nice to know that we beat Harvard by one in the number of varsity athletes for 2017. The polo team must have given us the edge!
Re: Ivy League athletes
Posted by: Al DeFlorio (
Date: June 14, 2019 11:38AM

Is calling squash a "racket" sport Freudian in some way?

Al DeFlorio '65

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