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Worcester: Travel Tips

Posted by Beeeej 
Worcester: Travel Tips
Posted by: Beeeej (Moderator)
Date: March 19, 2018 08:47PM

An old friend and colleague from Cornell who lives in Worcester now (but alas has to be out of town this weekend) offered me the following tidbits, for none of which I claim responsibility, good or bad:

Where to stay:
The West Side: between Park Ave on the southeast boundary and 190 on the east
You are rolling the dice near Becker College; everything around WPI is nice/collegetowny; the Clark neighborhood is no bueno
Right around the DCU Center is ok, but maybe refrain from lonely strolls in the middle of the night
Be sure to check out the adorable Worcester Wares shop in the DCU Center!!!
Hotels: the Hilton Garden Inn across from the DCU is fine; as are the other three downtown hotels (Homewood Suites by Union Station; Hampton Inn & Suites, Courtyard by Marriott by WPI’s Technology Park). DO NOT stay at the Madison Tower.

Eats: you have arrived. There are so many good eats in Worcester, you will have to stay for a whole week to catch them all.

Bakeries: Birch Tree Bread Company, above the wonderful and beautiful Crompton Collective market
Crust Bakery
Queens Cups for the best cupcakes ever

downtown by DCU: Mezcal (DO NOT waste your time at Unos in the Garden Inn when you could cross the street and have a FLIGHT OF GUACAMOLE at Mezcal), Citizen (which has the Still & Stir – a bar in the old city jail, complete with cells!), Armsby Abbey, deadhorse hill, Bull Mansion, Broth, Hangover Pub, Lock 50, bocado, ;
on the Common behind City Hall: Brew on the Grid & Stix Noodle bar
on restaurant row on Shrewsbury St: Simjang (brand new Korean BBQ! Amazing!), Volturno, Vintage Grille, Padavano’s
As old school as the Palms: the Coney Island for hot dogs and chocolate milk
Bars: who the hell knows, I’m over 45

Ecotarium is a fun little science museum for the kiddos
The Worcester Art Museum is a GEM
Salisbury Mansion great historical home

The Worcester Historical Museum is cute and you can learn about the creation of The Smiley Face
Tower Hill botanical garden – little bit outside of town but gorgeous and incredible views
skiing at Wachusett Mountain – fantastic

Go to a grocery store and stock up on locally made Polar Seltzer. There may be Unicorn Kisses or Yeti Mischief special flavors left!

It's a kooky city -- sort of like Syracuse in that it's cut up by highways. there are parts that are dumpy and there are parts that are so lovely! we LOVE living here, so I hope all the peeps enjoy it!!!!

Beeeej, Esq.

"Cornell isn't an organization. It's a loose affiliation of independent fiefdoms united by a common hockey team."
- Steve Worona
Re: Worcester: Travel Tips
Posted by: BMac (
Date: March 20, 2018 01:55AM

The Worcester Art Museum (WAM) is lovely. One of those “this city used to have money and the moneyed class paid for a flagship museum” places. Kind of Detroit-ish.
Re: Worcester: Travel Tips
Posted by: BeenAround (
Date: March 25, 2018 09:39PM

Don't waste your money on this place. Restaurants: Simjang
Best Korean restaurant, authentic and prices, is Arisu in Leominster.

Good Ethnic Food: Raymundo's Restaurant on Cambridge Street (Salvadorean and Mexican). My favorites are Carne Guisado (Beef Stew) and the pupusas (stuffed Tortillas).
: Zaytoon, Clinton Middle Eastern food by an Iraqui family. $15 buffet on Fri, Sat & Sun.
: Red Pepper, Worcester: Authentic Szechuan Chinese food

Great Bar: The Muse, 536 Main Street opposite the Hanover Theatre, Best cocktails in the city (innovative and top notch ingredients)

Groceries: Ethnic - Eddy Hyder's Mediterranean Market on Pleasant Street, Worcester. Great people, best Prosciutto and Parmegiano Reggiano in the city.
: Meat selection & quality as well as generally good prices, Market Basket in Leominster.

BBQ: Thursday nights, in the summer (only), Meadowbrook Orchards (see the website for dates, times and menu)

Ice Cream: Rota Spring Farms, Sterling, MA - second to none with their own dairy cows.

Beer: 3 Crosses on Knowlton Street ( off of Cambridge Street near Price Chopper)

Espresso & Flan - Café Reyes on Shrewsbury Street

Tiramisu - Crazy but true - Hacienda Don Juan on Main Street (bad area - only go during daylight)
Re: Worcester: Travel Tips - DCU
Posted by: billhoward (
Date: March 25, 2018 11:54PM

I remember the Worcester Centrum, now Worcester DCU (which sounds like Department of Corrections ___ something) when it was new in 1982. Back when there was still Spags (discount department store). It's been expanded once and renovated about three times. But the concourse space was always limited and it looks pretty bad now. But for this event it worked okay. Especially if you went to the bathroom before leaving for the rink. The men's room near section 120 had 3 urinals and one toilet. Seriously limited.
Re: Worcester: Travel Tips
Posted by: RichH (134.223.116.---)
Date: March 26, 2018 02:16PM

Don't waste your money on this place. Restaurants: Simjang
Best Korean restaurant, authentic and prices, is Arisu in Leominster.

Thanks, but you're a little late.
Re: Worcester: Travel Tips
Posted by: Trotsky (
Date: March 26, 2018 02:26PM

Don't waste your money on this place. Restaurants: Simjang
Best Korean restaurant, authentic and prices, is Arisu in Leominster.

Thanks, but you're a little late.

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