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Cornell at Union, 2/24/18

Posted by KGR11 
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Re: Cornell at Union, 2/24/18
Posted by: scoop85 (
Date: February 27, 2018 08:10PM

Brown brought a Band for the first time I recall this year.
My freshman year, Brown's pep band came to Cornell and I remember they marched through West Campus before the game and we came out of our freshman dorms to taunt them. However, they had the last laugh when they pulled their goalie and scored an extra-man goal to tie the game and then beat us in OT. I later that night saw our goalie drinking beer out of a boot in the Chapter House.

Given the frequency that goals were scored in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I’m sure plenty of goalies were driven to drink.
Re: Cornell at Union, 2/24/18
Posted by: abmarks (
Date: February 28, 2018 02:24PM

Former Pep Bandie here.

Historically, there is some coordination between the pep bands at each game. They usually alternate playing in game breaks, for instance. Also, if there is something unusual in the game-day proceedings that's communicated to the visiting band (so they don't start playing and messing it up.) For example, some sort of tribute or something between periods. I'm assuming that this friendly co-ordination continues today.

Rink staff communicating to the band is absolutely within the norm. What's absurd in this situation is the message that the Union rink staff gave our band.

TLDR: The Union rink people are bitches

Do you ever remember being asked to play the National Anthem as the visiting band? Somehow I think I witnessed this but it probably was a high school game. They show more sportsmanship at that level than many colleges.

(Union had a PA system anthem on Saturday.)

Yes, pretty sure that happened, though I've got no idea when or where. IIRC it might have happened a few times when at a neutral arena for either ECAC or NCAA playoff games.
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